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Cory M. Coons bringing Retrospective to local  venue

R. Comfort

Friday, February 12th, 2010

MORRISBURG Ten years of recording, seemed like a good time to celebrate the work of Cory M. Coons and The Tycoons Band.

Well known locally, Coons is a writer, performer and recording artist, originally from South Mountain.

The CD celebrating the recording efforts of Coons and The Tycoons  Band, entitled Retrospective is available at various retail locations throughout the region.

Coons will play a special lunchtime acoustic show at one of those  retail  locations, The Basket Case in Morrisburg, on Sat., Feb., 13 from about  noon  until 1 p.m.

Retrospective, has 20 tracks, including one new release, Every  Time I  Think About You.

Retrospective also includes crowd pleasing tracks like Crumbs and other popular tracks along with different,  previously unreleased studio outtakes.

 In 10 years, five CDs have been released under the Cory M. Coons and  The Tycoons Band titles.

Coons sees Retrospective as a great opportunity for people to pick up his and the group’s best work in one package.

Each song has a different story to share, said Coons.  I like to tell stories that touch people.

Since the work ranges from the intimate nature of acoustics to the showmanship of being part of a band, Coons has worked to showcase both  aspects in this Retrospective package.

This CD is not an end, just a culmination of work, said Coons.

Looking to the future, He hopes that his work with Gary LaBarr, of Niagara  Atlantic Entertainment Group, on his new track will help expand distribution and he said that he may even shoot a video for one of the tracks.

Coons says their style of music is a mix of rock and pop. I would  say southern rock, with a little folk rock.

In addition to the Feb., 13 lunch hour show, Coons has a number of small  events planned. He will be part of the Feb., 20 show at the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage and has a show planned in March at Boomers Sports Bar in Prescott.

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St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage hosts First Open Mic Night

MORRISBURG–The St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage is enjoying a fair amount of success in the early going, but rather than sitting back and enjoying that success, the newly incorporated non-profit company is building on that success by welcoming a new member who will be hosting a new event. Well known locally, Cory Coons has joined the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage and starting this Saturday will be hosting Open Mic Nights, at the stage which is located at the Operating Engineers Training Institute, just east of Morrisburg. The show starts at 7 p.m., and the price of admission is $5 for performers and audience members alike. Performers are asked to arrive at 6 p.m.
These Open Mic Nights will be held on a regular basis in addition to the regular St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage shows. The stage provides a great opportunity for local musicians to shine. It provides an acoustic spotlight for musical artists of all ages in Eastern Ontario as well as a venue for workshops in creative development. At the regular events acoustic musicians can play their original or cover material in front of a listening audience. Through these new Open Mic Nights anyone is welcome to get on stage, and perform up to a two or three song set. “Someone might not think they are ready, so the Open Mic Night gives them a chance to show what they’ve got,” says Mario Pronovost of the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage committee. “It is also a good place for artists to test new songs, in front of an audience and in front of other songwriters.” Cory Coons is pleased to join the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage and happy to have the opportunity to host the Open Mic Nights. “I love music and I love everything about it, from writing to promoting individual artists, no matter their style,” he says. “It’s my passion.” Of the stage and its programming, Coons says, “It’s also a great place for artists to network, and it’s such a unique venue.” The group is hoping to continue to promote the venue and all it has to offer to bring people here to discover the area.
So far they say they have enjoyed good turnout and the people in the audience and the artists are mostly local, but now that they are getting more well known people are coming from the Cornwall and Ottawa areas for the events. “When we started it was only local people, but the news is spreading and more and more are coming from other places,” says Pronovost. Looking forward to their first Open Mic Night, Pronovost says, “everyone is welcome to participate.” “I hope people will come out and make it a success,” adds Leah Summers.  In addition to the new Open Mic Night, and their regular acoustic shows, the committee has plenty of plans for upcoming events including Guitar Camp, Song Writing Seminars, and even a Song Writing Contest. For more information check out their web site information or questions about Open Mic Night, organizers can be contacted at .
August 15, 2006
Bent Music
By: Kathryn Vercillo
Northeast In-Tune Magazine
Every singer songwriter goes through phases of wondering whether the struggle and the sacrifice necessary to make a career out of music are worth the rewards of the work. For true singers, the struggle is insistent but not quite as insistent as the persistent internal need to make music. There is something within the heart of those singers which compels the music to keep coming despite any challenges the singer may face. Cory Mervin Coons is a shining example of a true singer.
Coons began his singing life in his small Canadian hometown, branching out as he grew musically. His singing career spans fifteen years, during which time he has had numerous musical successes, but he has never strayed far from the simplicity of his roots. His lyrics exemplify this, as he sings with a simple nostalgia commemorating a time gone by, a time when simple ideals were enough to satisfy the desires of individual men.
For example, in Crumbs, Coons sings about a father who works all day and into the night and a mother who puts the kids to bed in a town where there’s a morning dew out in the fields and you can smell the pancakes on the grill in a time when you won’t find a lock on my front door. This possibly idealized vision of life is matched with a similar idealized appreciation of love, which is exhibited in "Unanswered". This love song is a blend of country and rock melodies which says that Love’s the silent laughter that rings in your head And true love is still the answer, in your unanswered prayer.
Though he sings about such simple country ideals, Coons does not come across as naive. In fact, he uses the strength of his ideals to support actual change in the world. His most recent success in this venture was to have Crumbs used to help market the Alesse birth control pill, showing that he is not going to shy away from harsh truths despite his hopeful ideals. Similarly, he speaks simply in Faded Glory about the uneasy truth that With war and hate among us / There’s a cry for love and peace. This Canadian may be singing about modern American political issues, but it is almost as if he is speaking simple truths about the state of any society at any rough time in their history. It is almost as though he is timeless.
This sense of timelessness extends to the sound of the music as well. Coons says that his musical influences include the older songs of Elvis Presley and the newer songs of bands like Bon Jovi. In Crumbs, there is a hint of old Aerosmith in the sound of his voice. What rings through all of this music is the sense that these are merely influences affecting his style and not bands that he actually sounds like or makes any attempt to imitate. It seems that he is a singer who knows the solid core of his own sound but isn’t afraid to experiment a little bit here and there to see if another style might augment his own.
Local musician and singer/songwriter introduces new CD
Sandra Lee Johnston - Chieftain Staff Reporter
Dated: Wednesday, June 23, 2004.
Cory Mervin Coons (CMC) has for some years been associated with the Tycoons, a group of local lads from the South Mountain area who enjoy playing music. In fact this young man has been the driving force behind the cover band. Now he has taken the big step to a solo career. "I am very excited to be releasing my first solo CD" smiles CMC as we begin our interview. Although not a stranger to studio work, he released the CD titled, "Tycoons" in late 1999, but a renewed excitement and enthusiasm are evident for this solo effort. "The Tycoons sort of moulded themselves into more of a cover outfit (playing other people's songs) playing all the local clubs with your classic rock standards. With the new CD I am certainly more excited because it will be the majority of original material for each show." He goes on to explain that recording began on the new solo CD in January of this year at Little Chicago Studios in Smith's Falls. Produced by Tim Greencorn, Cory hopes to have it ready for release independently in July of this year.
Titled, "From the Ground Up," the official CD release party will be hosted later this summer at a venue in the local area. Keep your ears and eyes open for this announcement and be a part of it...
Members of the CMC band include: Mike Kelly on lead guitar and vocals, Bryan Deruchie on drums and percussion and Francis Thibodeau on bass and vocals. Mike helped with the solo CD, and Cory adamently pays tribute to his song writing skills.
As we speak about the music on the CD, Cory explains that a lot of the songs on disc get back to his roots as he was growing up near South Mountain listening to all kinds of music. He feels there is a bit of accoustic rock and a bit of folk as well as a little blues tossed into the mix. "My style is very melodic, but with an edge that Mike and I like to describe as a "Southern Ontario Sound"...I like to keep things as simple as I can. Sometimes though, I tend to experiment a little," says Cory with a hint of enthusiasm in his tone.
He talks about his relationship with Mike, "I am very proud to have worked with Mike, an Iroquois native who did all the lead guitar work on the CD. He brings a wonderful dynamic to my sound. He did an awesome job helping create the CMC sound. "I hope we can collaborate more in the future, he is a great song writer in his own right and he plays a mean guitar to boot."
The other band members are also featured on the tracks. An added bonus for Iroquois fans is the fact that Mike Anderson of Strings and Things in the Plaza is also featured as part of one of the songs as he plays banjo, a unique addition to the music. Cory tells us his sister-in-law, Michelle Arthurs from Johnstown does some great backup vocals on another song.
Listening to the CD at Cory and his new wife's home on a hot summer evening, it is clear this one is good. The sound drifts across the lawn and it is evident this one could just be what Cory Mervin Coons needs to kick start a solo career in the music business. Writing all the songs for the CD except the one Mike Kelly provided, Cory had ideas he wanted to turn into songs and if "Crumbs," the first song on the CD is an indication of his ability, there is little doubt, about his talent.
Most of his songs tell a story, usually drawing on previous experience and building on them, his work develops over time into what he wants to share. References to "A Strong Pair of Hands" would point to his dad whom he admires. "Faded Glory" has a line, "If you teach your children well, maybe we can live to tell.." gets quite philosophical, be he hastens to say "I am not preaching, just telling tales."
Hints of Southern USA can be detected in lines of songs as can the influences of those he admired as he was growing up: Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp, Johnny Cash, etc.
A song is included that is dedicated to his mother ("Violet") whom he lost to cancer two and a half years ago and "Unanswered" is dedicated to his wife Leighann, since she inspired him to finish this tune. He categorizes the choruses of some of the songs as melodic folksy and sees his music as hopeful. "I write with hope, not too depressing, trying to remain upbeat in my outlook." Keeping his music flavoured with Canada sounds, he works in bits and pieces from the local area and if you listen carefully you will recognize places and people familiar to you. CDs will be available on Canada Day at the Point as well as at Strings and Things in the Iroquois Plaza.
 His enthusiasm is contageous and I can hardly wait for Canada Day when Cory and the Tycoons will be on stage at the Point. Part of the celebration, CMC will debut the solo CD between 2 and 3pm and then later in the evening from 7:30 through 9pm, CMC and the Tycoons will entertain the expected crowd. Upcoming shows this year include the South Mountain Fair Show, on August 20 and the Chesterville fair on August 27. We wish this young man all the luck possible as he embarks on a solo music career.
September 28, 2004
Press Release
Smalltown Rocker Cory Mervin Coons Going for Big  Dreams with Latest CD Release that is "From the Ground Up"
South Mountain, Ontario - For Immediate  Release
South Mountain, Ontario's Cory M. Coons is releasing his newest CD to Radio and the Music Industry called "From the Ground Up."  The CD  contains 11 new original songs written by Coons.  Previously with the band named  called "Tycoons", Coons is breaking out on a solo career to further showcase his music.
Coons, who has opened for both April Wine and David Wilcox,  has been writing, recording and performing music for over 15 years.  His influences include many of the traditional rock pioneers such as John Mellancamp, Bon Jovi the Beatles, and Bryan Adams to name but a few.  Coons has  developed a style and sound that is all his own.  Coons's songs tell a story drawing on past experiences and building on them.  What sets Coons apart from the rest though, is his down to earth honesty and realness that is mixed with soulful melodies and meaningful lyrics.
Besides the release of the CD, Coons is planning several CD  release parties to help promote the project.  He will follow that with an  Ontario wide tour that will be followed by a Canadian Tour.  The tour will  include many different types of venues including fairs, festivals, colleges and  universities.
Anyone wishing a copy of the CD for review is asked to contact Spectrum Entertainment Productions.
Anyone requiring more information on Cory Mervin Coons or his  music should visit his web site at or contact Spectrum Entertainment  Productions at (905)424-0155. You can also e-mail Spectrum at
 Press release done by Spectrum Entertainment Productions
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